UWB Radar Technology

UWB Radar Technology

This technical and scientific field of our expertise is related to using of ultra-wideband (UWB) circuit, electromagnetic and signal processing components for high-resolution near-range through-matter and subsurface imaging. It is close to so-called Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) or Georadar applications but our practice is related to a broader topic rather just sounding through ground. So, we would like to call this field, which is  wide-spread in numerous application scenarios, as UWB radar (UWBR).

Some our early and current experience in the UWBR field is illustrated in the following pdf links:

1.Review of some efforts in subsurface radars

2.Imaging of internal wall structures for nondestructive testing in civil engineering

3.Detection of small object in grass with the help of UWB

4.Through wall vision applications:
  An experimentalL UWB module-based sensing and communication system
  UWB radar imaging system with two-element receiving array antenna
  Imaging capabilites of ultra-wideband radar system with small receiving array antenna


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